The Royal Photographic Society Competition

I have had a great time teaching myself photography this year. I found out today that one of my photographs has been shortlisted in a competition held by The Royal Photographic Society. I am after your help yet again I am afraid. The competition is a public vote. If any of you have a few seconds to spare and wouldn’t mind voting for me I would be extremely grateful. The link is below, thank you.

18,000 Street Lights To Be Switched Off?

I have just found this information on the local Southport website QLocal I will keep you informed when I learn more.
Sefton Council plans for street lighting have been published.

Unknown(2014)18,000 Street Lights To Be Switched Off?[Online] 30/11/14)

BMW integrates EV charging point into street lighting

The BMW Group has shown a prototype electric vehicle charging point integrated into an energy-efficient LED street lamp, announcing it will begin testing the technology in Munich next year.
Presented at the Eurocities conference in Munich, the Light and Charge system is designed to use the existing power supply infrastructure from street lighting to enable faster roll-out of charging points for electric vehicles.

The prototype uses low-energy LED lighting and features a built-in control panel and can be accessed using BMW’s own ChargeNow scheme, as well as through the Hubject pan-European charging project launched last year.

Peter Schwarzenbauer, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, said: ‘Light and Charge is a simple and innovative solution to naturally integrate a reliable network of charging stations in the city. Only with a comprehensive charging infrastructure we see the future more electric vehicles in the cities.’
Grant,A.(2014)BMW integrates EV charging point into street lighting[Online] 30/11/14)

Blog Awards 2015 Voting Ends Wednesday

I thought that I would let you all know that voting ends on Wednesday for the blog awards. Thanks to everyone who has voted for me so far. It is very much appreciated! If you haven’t voted yet and can spare the time I would be very grateful if you could click on the links below and vote for me please.

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Can blue light make Britain’s railways safer?

I found this article on the Lux magazine website I am fascinated by the way that blue light is being used as a preventative measure for crime or suicide. They did a trial of blue lighting in Glasgow to reduce crime and it did have a positive effect in reducing numbers. I will look into this topic further as I think something as simple as changing the colour of lighting having such an impact on peoples behaviour is extremely interesting.

If you’ve caught a train to or from Gatwick Airport in the past month or two, you might have noticed an addition to the platforms – bright blue LED floodlights.

It’s an unusual choice for railway station lighting, but there’s a compelling reason behind it: this has been the worst year for suicides on train lines in the southeast of England.

Apart from the personal tragedy of deaths on the railway, this causes enormous disruption, delay and cost to train companies and travellers.

‘We’ve seen a fair increase in rail suicides over the past year and in recent months especially,’ says Terry Denyer, a senior asset engineer for Network Rail. ‘It’s a hugely traumatic thing, first and foremost obviously for the person doing it and their family. The expense and trauma involved is massive – closing the station, stopping the trains, turning off the electricity… There are millions in costs never mind the disruption to people trying to catch trains and so on.’

Station staff are trained to try to spot the signs and help people, but unfortunately it’s almost impossible to predict when or where these incidents will take place.

And as well as preventing suicides, Network Rail is looking at ways to reduce anti-social behaviour and littering at its stations, and has looked to Japan for a solution.

‘We looked at what they’ve done around the world,’ says Denyer, ‘and the leaders on this are the Chinese and the Japanese. They have a much higher suicide rate than us.’

On Tokyo’s Yamanote Line, blue lights were installed on platforms, starting in 2009, in response to a spate of suicides. There are several theories about why blue light reduces suicides (as well as crime, littering and anti-social behaviour) including its biological impact on our mood, the association with the emergency services, and simply the effect of something new and different.

‘After they installed the blue lights, suicides fell by 85 per cent,’ says Denyer. ‘They’ve also used them at level crossings, and anti-social behaviour and vandalism are down. They’re now looking at using it in motorway service stations.

‘They’ve done a lot of work on these blue lights, so rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, we followed their line.’

Network Rail’s own version of the blue lighting has been introduced to the platforms at Gatwick Airport, which are open 24 hours a day. ‘We realised you can’t buy a solution like this so we had to get one made,’ says Denyer. The 120W floodlights, which bathe the platforms in blue light but are carefully positioned to avoid dazzling train drivers, were custom made by Minimise Energy.

‘Our safety team has put a lot of work into making a better environment, a calmer environment,’ says Denyer.

Changes have also been made to the platforms to make them more pleasant and to introduce elements that distract and engage people, including more plants, and decorations including children’s drawings.

Denyer accepts the science behind why it works in Japan is hazy, with a number of possible explanations. But the results in Japan are clear. ‘The science can come later,’ he says. ‘It’s proven, in a way – it works in Japan. It’s cheap, it’s easy, and if it stops one incident, then brilliant.

Monitoring the effects of the lights won’t be straightforward. ‘It’s difficult to measure whether it works – obviously we’re looking for fewer incidents, but they come in peaks and troughs,’ says Denyer. ‘We can record the number of incidents year on year, and if we’re able to get CCTV in there it might be able to tell us if someone has turned up to commit suicide but thought better of it. But it’s a hard thing to quantify.’

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Creative Focus Feature

My work has been featured on the creative focus website that is run through The University of Central Lancashire. .Its always great to see my work on other websites although I did notice a spelling mistake on this one which is unfortunate. creative_edited

Blog Awards 2015


I have had so much fun writing this blog and sharing my ideas/designs and gaining feedback from my readers. For those reasons I decided to enter it in to the blog awards 2015. I have entered in two different categories Digital and Technology and Most Innovative. If you have the time and don’t mind please could you vote for me, if not don’t worry I really appreciate you reading my blog.

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