Getty Images

When I started research for this project, one of the first things that I did was to take photographs and document all the different types of public lighting that I could find. I then got hit by the photography bug and it became a hobby of mine. I started a photography blog to share my work I also set up an online shop selling my photographs on products for example bags and cushions I also joined The Royal Photographic Society

I got feedback about my website from design professionals over the summer and the commented that I should put a photography section on this website and create another website that shows both my design and photography work I included my contact information and a contact form on my new website in the hope of getting some creative work. I received an email via my website from Getty Images. It took a while to realise that it was actually a genuine email but Getty Images want to feature my work in one of their collections. This is a huge honour from a worldwide renown company and not something that I could have expected to achieve when I first began to take photographs of street lighting.


The Noise Festival 2014 Showcase

I entered some of my designs to the Noise festival website a few months ago. I have just received an email saying that all the work has been judged and ribbons have been offered. I signed in and checked my portfolio on there and my kinetically powered bus stop design has been awarded an excellent ribbon and will feature on the showcase. .Its great to have been noticed, especially as there was over 5000 entries.


MA Design Display

I have been putting my final display together for my MA Design course. There was some serious painting of walls and plinths, so I could always get a job as a decorator if this doesn’t pan out. I have included some before and after photographs for dramatic effect. The only thing that concerns me about the display is that that because the posters have been rolled they do look a little bumpy on the wall. I am hoping that these will drop out over time or if not I will look at rehanging them.

Poster Back From The Printers

I received my poster back from the printers. The quality of the print is excellent and the lustre finish works well with its simplistic design. I have everything ready to use in my display now in the Victoria Building on campus. Just need to set it up!

2014-10-09 10.24.55

Banners Back From The Printers

I received my banners back from the printers today. The are so big and not the easiest thing to photograph but I thought that I would give it a shot. The quality is amazing, they had run out of matt paper so the printed them on lustre paper for the same price. The lustre paper makes them look much more professional.

2014-10-09 10.29.412014-10-09 10.27.27

Poster Colours

I wasn’t happy with the colours of the stripes on my poster when I printed out a rough copy. I decided to go back to my design and re look at the colours. I used the pantone colour number system to try and get a better colour match. To test the colours I printed off a page of stripes in various shades of grey and purple. I then matched the closest purple to the printed version of the MA logo to find a colour that would be compatible with it.
MA Design Posterlucy wright darker purple publisher colours