Website and Portfolio Feedback

There is a great website called where you have the opportunity to send in links to your portfolio/website and a panel of professional designers will critique your work and provide feedback. I found this to be a really useful exercise. Advice included adding more detail to my portfolio to explain my designs and include sketches and workings out to demonstrate my thinking. They also suggested setting up my own portfolio website, which I will be working on shortly. It was amazing to receive praise from people in the industry, they liked my designs, animation and even my photography suggesting that I included a section devoted to it on this website. I have included a copy of the email:

Hello Lucy,

​Thanks for sending your Behance and website over to us! I have to say, you have some excellent work on display – so well done! We sat down and reviewed your portfolio and here are the main points we discussed:

What we really liked:
- The use of animations to show how your projects work is great. It is something often overlooked so its great to see them included.

- We saw your photographic skills on your wordpress site. This is a great skill for any designer so you should make the most of it – id recommend a whole ‘photography section’ on your site.

What you should work on:
- Try using text on your behance to ‘tell the story’. your lighting designs and animations are visually very strong, but just a few words to better explain the concept will help you get more views/appreciations for sure. Take a look at Rob Bye’s Behance (the Director of DSUK); he does this very well.

- Design companies are really looking to understand exactly how you think, they want someone who can fit in with their way of working. Try to highlight more of the process behind your design; maybe include some photos of sketches or prototypes which you have made throughout your projects, to really get across how you came to your final concepts.

And finally, we think making a proper portfolio site would really help you out. WordPress is great for blogs etc but it can be a little ‘cluttered’ as a way of viewing a portfolio. Using something like Squarespace can make web design really easy and making a portfolio site with this would be no problem at all (it is actually what we use for the design students UK website). This would be a great thing to link to prospective employers in the future too. Take a look at Andy Mason’s website as an example of a great, simple portfolio website.

​All the best for the future, and we hope this advice helps!​ Please don’t hesitate to get in touch in the future if you’d like any more advice – and we’d really like to see your portfolio website if you decide to make one!



Tom Adcock
Industrial Designer
Design Students UK

Prism Street Light Animation Part Four

For this attempt I wanted to concentrate on lighting, highlighting the different components as they move. I like the way the top of the street light is illuminated but I think that the light on the body of the street light doesn’t need to be as bright. I will have another look at it.